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JT Burkard and his 1977 BMW 320i

About Jonathan Thomas Motorcars

  My name is Jonathan Thomas Burkard. I am widely known in the automotive circle by my initials JT. I feel it is important not to only trust who you are purchasing your special vehicle from, but also get to know who they really are. I have been a car guy my entire life and even my first word was "CAR". Right from birth my obsession started but I have a feeling it was a culmination of factors that follow that made me who I am today. The first 6 years of my life I lived only a half mile from Englishtown Raceway Park drag strip. I remember hearing the roar of the cars on the weekend as I sat in my kiddie pool in the back yard. The next piece of the puzzle was my parents purchasing a 1975 Datsun 280Z in 1977. It was my first taste of a what a true sports car was, even though I was only 5 at the time. With movies like Smokey and the Bandit and the TV shows like Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider, the love was only being reinforced. In 1984 my father purchased a Porsche 944. I was 12 and very impressionable. I remember the salesman taking my mother and I on a test drive at over 100 mph on the back roads. She was not thrilled about this but I was. That's the crucial moment when I became a fan of German cars, especially Porsches. Like many teenage boys, my bedroom walls were covered with pictures of cars and lots of car magazines on my shelf. I remember when I was 15 on vacation with family my mother said she would give me $20 if I wouldn't talk cars for a full 24 hours. I didn't make it 4.

  When I got my license at 17, my first car was the very same 1975 280Z my parents purchased in 1977. I drove that car for about 6 months and then the muscle car bug hit me. I looked for a 1964.5 - 1966 Mustang coupe for months but eventually I sold the Z to purchase a 1980 Firebird Formula, February 22, 1990, which I still own to this day. I got a job at a gas station, then as a entry level mechanic at a local shop. I then went to work a Honda dealership followed by Firestone as a General Service tech. My next move was to get a job in towing, which I enjoyed. I purchased my first wrecker in 1997. Meanwhile between all these jobs I was buying and selling 77-81 Firebird and Trans Am parts and cars under the name JT's Restoration Services. I developed an excellent worldwide reputation for myself. In 2000 I landed my dream job. The one I was preparring for my entire life. I was selling at one of the top classic car dealerships in the country. For 15 years I went from Sales to Internet Sales Manager to Director of Operations. When the owner retired, I took my excellent reputation and formed Jonathan Thomas Motorcars at the end of 2015.

  As an enthusiast, I have the same infliction as you with the need to own and collect vehicles. The most important vehicle in my personal fleet is my 1980 Firebird Formula which was my High School car. In addition to this, I have a 1977 BMW 320i (e21), a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate, my wifes 1990 Ford Mustang GT which she bought new and is the original owner of, 1993 Mercedes 190e 2.6L and 1987 Chevy R30 Rollback. I am also a motorcycle enthusiast with a 1975 Honda Z50 which I got when I was 12 years old, 1976 Harley SS175, 1981 Honda CB900c, 1989 Suzuki Katana 750, and 2006 Honda VTX 1300c. I feel a diverse collection is the right collection.

  I have proudly worked with productions companies to provide vehicles for TV, Movie and Commercials. For example my personal 1977 320i was in the film Blue Collar Boys. Some notable mentions: Saturday Night Live, 48 Hours, and a Cialis Commercial to name a few. I am fortunate to have well known rock stars and athletes as clients. Many have become good friends.

  I am also an independent automotive journalist with a monthly newsletter column in the NJ BMW CCA chapters publication. I write two blogs, one focusing on cars and the car business, the other is focused on classic trucks I own and the story behind my journey into the world of antique trucks and restoration.

Proud Member of the Following Clubs: Points of Interest:

  BMW Car Club of America

  NJ BMW CCA Chapter Member

  Alfa Romeo Owners Club

  Antique Truck Club of America

  Head Judge American Patriots Car Show benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. 2012-2015

  BMW CCA Octoberfest Concour Judge 2015

  Featured on Mag Rack TV - Atlantic City Classic Car Auction 2009

  Automotive Photo Contest Winner - Bavarian AutoSport 2004

  Co-Judge for the Jersey Shore Cruisers 1998-2003

  I look forward to working with you to find the car of your dreams and remember, it's not a collection if you only have one.

~ JT Burkard ~
Jonathan Thomas Motorscars LLC.

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